Mobile Suica Alert: Slow Apple Pay Suica Recharge for some users (U)

Mobile Suica Alert
Apple Pay Suica Recharge is slow for some users

JR East issued a Mobile Suica alert today October 5 at 15:00 JST that Apple Pay Suica Recharge was down 14:30~15:35. Service is restored but can be very slow in Wallet and Suica App. JR East is working on the problem but there are no other updates with the latest time stamp at 15:00 JST. If Suica recharge does not work the first time try again, it make take time. Other services are not affected.

In the meantime you can always Recharge Suica with cash both at convenience stores and Recharge machines at JR stations. I will update this post with any developments.

16:35 JST JR East removed the alert from their support site, full service has been restored.