iOS 12.2 beta warning for Suica users

Just a friendly word of advice for Apple Pay Suica users who are thinking about trying the iOS 12.2 beta: don’t. Design tweaks have rearranged and hidden some important functions while breaking others. Wait until the beta is further along or the official release. A quick rundown:


  • Suica Notification shortcut links for Recharge and Commuter Pass Renewal don’t work, they only take the user to a default Suica card screen.


  • Recharge and Commuter Pass Renewal used to be one tap away on the default Suica card screen but have been relocated so that users have a convoluted 4 step drill down through a total of 3 screens to finally get to Recharge/Renewal. This is progress?

UPDATE: iOS 12.2 beta 2 does not have any Wallet/Suica UI fixes or improvements from beta 1