The End of Something

I have been reading Ken Kocienda’s Creative Selection and enjoying it. The epilogue is a little hard to take:

After Steve died, the Apple software development culture started to change. As time passed and other co-workers came and went, the culture changed more.

Kocienda left Apple in 2017. It was a time I was trying to get to the bottom of the iPhone X Suica problem. For me it was rude awakening, a gut feeling that Apple culture had changed.

The MacBook keyboard problem, the letter from Tim Cook to investors, the cancelled AirPower, the questionable Wallet UI changes in iOS 12.2…points to a changed Apple culture. It’s not the end certainly, but it’s the end of something.

Like Kocienda I consider myself lucky to have experienced the Steve Jobs return to Apple era, even just from the outside. Both Steve and Ken have good advice, don’t dwell on any great thing for long, just get busy working on the next great thing, whatever the next great thing is to you.