The JAPAN CASHLESS Rebate Day 2: the convenience store 2% instant rebate easter egg hunt continues

Another day, another adventure. Today’s discovery was that some convenience stores not yet listed in the CASHLESS iOS map app are already working for 2% instant rebates but and some listed stores are not. There are 2 Daily Yamazaki stores near my office. One was listed but only for Rakuten Edy e-money and nothing else, the other Daily Yamazaki store was not listed at all and did not have a red CASHLESS logo on the store window.

I thought the new POS was set up for the new CASHLESS rebate program, which I mentioned to the Obasan. She answered with a smile, “the machine is new but the person running it is still old.” I paid with Apple Pay Suica and the transaction tax rate was 8% (the food rate) however because Daily Yamazaki is apparently not on the instant rebate grid yet, the 2% rebate is not calculated, or at least does not show on the receipt. On my way home I purchased items at FamilyMart which is not listed for Suica but offers instant 2% cashless rebates.

Until things are sorted out, always check the store door for the CASHLESS banner and supported CASHLESS rebate payment methods. And be sure to check your receipt.

FamilyMart is on the CASHLESS grid for Apple Pay Suica