MTA OMNY Apple Pay Express Transit real life funnies

Apple’s decision to offer Apple Pay EMV style Express Transit as a default iOS 13 feature on the work-in-progress that is MTA OMNY may not have been a smart idea after all. Those manual swipe MetroCards will be around for a few years, and with Cubic Transportation running the show it is anybody’s guess when OMNY, the system and the MIFARE MetroCard replacement, will completely in place and running smoothly.

For every tweet saying Express Transit is great, there are plenty of complaints of unwanted OMNY charges because iPhone users didn’t know Express Transit was turned on. The thing is iPhone and Apple Watch have to be damn close for a read. Unless the device is in a pants or coat pocket that brushes on the OMNY reader, I don’t see how accidental reads can happen. Nevertheless Apple would have happier New York City customers leaving Express Transit off by default…at least until OMNY is completed and running smoothly everywhere…whenever that is.