On the eve of iOS 13.4

iOS 13.4 GM went out last week with the new iPad Pro/MacBook Air announcements. This week we have another hardware announcement rumor and we have the waiting for Godot Apple Pay Octopus launch…reportedly with iOS 13.4 which should officially arrive March 24~25. I agree with Jason Tjong in that if Apple Pay Octopus is coming, it has to come with iOS 13.4.x, the very last major iOS 13 release. The Apple Pay server leak in June listed iOS 13.0 as the minimum system, I don’t think Apple Pay Octopus will get a reset reprieve for iOS 14. TBC.

Should we worry about the typhoon class headwinds from the corvid-19 crisis blowing apart plans around the world? With everything from the Tokyo Olympics to WWDC up in the air, TBC is all we got.

Apple Pay Octopus Timeline