Apple Pay Suica • PASMO • Octopus service outages follow the Facebook one

16:00~18:00 October 5, 2021 JST
Apple Pay / iCloud system status updated to ‘outage resolved’ at 16:00 JST. Mobile Suica and Mobile PASMO Apple Pay services were also listed as ‘restored’ at 16:00 JST. As Apple Pay Suica and PASMO recharge started working again at 14:00 JST, the service outage was 8 hours total.

15:00 October 5, 2021 JST
Apple Pay Octopus recharge is also not working, this means the problem is an Apple Pay system issue, not caused by Mobile Suica, Mobile PASMO or Mobile Octopus systems. No signs yet if Apple Pay recharge for Clipper, SmarTrip and TAP transit cards is affected as well.

14:15 October 5, 2021 JST
Apple Pay Suica and PASMO recharge are working again for me on iPhone and Apple Watch. No official status updates yet from Mobile Suica, Mobile PASMO and iCloud.

8:00 October 5, 2021 JST
Apple Pay Suica and PASMO services are currently not working for Apple Pay recharge, commuter pass renewal, transfer to other devices, new card issue, and Green Seat upgrades (Suica only). The Apple iCloud system status page shows an Apple Pay outage for adding and removing cards but does not mention Suica or PASMO. Mobile Suica and Mobile PASMO recharge on Android Osaifu Keitai and Google Pay Suica are not affected though some Android users report problems with some Mobile Suica services such as Green Seat purchases.

The first report of trouble was 6:00 AM JST, but Apple Pay Suica auto-charge worked normally for me passing through the station gate at 7 AM. If you attempt a Suica or PASMO app recharge you get network connection errors no matter how good your device connection is.

Apple Pay Suica and PASMO recharge is limited to cash recharge at station kiosks and convenience store ATM machines. A major outage took out Facebook services earlier today, Japanese twitter users also report Outlook is not working. Suica and PASMO card use for transit and purchases is not affected.

This post will be updated as service status changes.

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