Life is a gas

I was feeling low this week after coming down with COVID, having to isolate at home. A good friend cheered me up with her text:


I’m going to give you the short version of my day today.

I had a dentist appt for a crown.

The battery was dead on the car.

Rick was in Chicago.

I called an Uber.

The Uber texted that it would be 45 minutes to pick up.

I walked to the dentist (not far at all).

The elevator broke down between floors and I was stuck.

I was eventually unstuck by mechanics that were already in the high rise working.

I get numbed up in the chair and the dentist is working away.

There fire alarm goes off and all 20 floors are evacuated.

I return afterwards to have the rest of the work completed.

I take the stairs down this time and get locked in the stairwell but get out when someone with a pass card takes the stairs for lunch.

I walked home and decided that although it was a weird day, it could have gone much worse.”

I too decided that although it has been a weird week, it could have gone much worse.