Apple Pay Suica • PASMO • ICOCA Troubleshooting

Notice: The VISA payment network is blocking foreign issue VISA credit cards for Apple Pay In-App use with Suica, PASMO, ICOCA. Attempts to add money to the card in Wallet result in a ‘Payment Not Completed’ error shown:

The issue has been ongoing since early August 2022. Use Mastercard, AMEX and UnionPay credit cards for adding money to Apple Pay Suica in Wallet app. More foreign issue credit and debit cards work for Apple Pay Suica than PASMO or ICOCA. Here’s the current situation based on online user feedback:

Non-JP VISA: credit cards are blocked by VISA for adding money to Suica, PASMO, ICOCA. Some credit cards may work sporadically but only temporarily. Some VISA debit cards work for adding money to Suica: DKB, Hyundai Zero, ANZ. Boursorama, Revolut and WISE work depending on the country of the account, no other issuers confirmed though more seem to be working over time.
Non-JP Mastercard:
cards work for adding money to Suica, some credit cards are not working for PASMO depending on the issuer. Some debit cards may be limited by the ATM withdrawal limit. Mastercard is not currently working for adding money to ICOCA.
cards work for adding money to Suica, PASMO, ICOCA.
UnionPay: cards work for adding money to Suica, PASMO, ICOCA.

Pass-through workaround option for inbound VISA card users from EU • UK (VISA credit and debit), US (VISA debit only): link VISA with a Curve Mastercard added to Apple Pay Wallet to add money to Suica indirectly with VISA.

New developments will be posted to this page, feedback from users is much appreciated.

Updated 2023-09-29 JST

Basic Q&A troubleshooting issues are covered on the JR East Suica Apple Pay English language support page, the PASMO Apple Pay English language support page, and the Japanese only Apple Pay ICOCA page.

Common issues are explained here in more detail and include Suica App or PASMO App use to resolve network issues not covered in the official but limited English language support pages. There is also a support tip list at the bottom.

Make sure you perform troubleshooting outside of the Mobile Suica • PASMO • ICOCA service maintenance downtime window that runs nightly 2 am ~ 4 am JST .

Recharge and Network Issues
The majority of Apple Pay Suica • PASMO issues are due to poor network connection issues, usually when using free WiFi, auto-connect carrier WiFi, or in crowded areas with maxed out mobile connectivity. Always make sure your device has a robust internet connection when recharging in Wallet app, especially when using Suica or PASMO apps.

When recharging a Suica or PASMO card with a poor network connection, Wallet appears to hang during the process. When recharge fails or hangs, don’t panic. Cancel the recharge process by hitting the sleep button, then check to make sure iPhone has a robust network connection: turn off WiFi and use 4G • 5G. Toggle Airplane Mode on and off to clear a bad mobile connection. When you have confirmed a robust network connection try recharge again.

One important thing to remember about recharge: if you see failed charges on your credit or debit card, these are temporary charges that are automatically removed by the Mobile Suica • PASMO • ICOCA system during the 2 am ~ 4 am JST nightly system maintenance period. Temporary charges on your card are erased but the removal may not immediately show on your card account, contact your card company to confirm.

If you still have recharge hang problems do this first:

  1. Make sure you have the latest iOS • watchOS installed
  2. Restart iPhone or Apple Watch and make sure they are paired
  3. Make sure your iPhone has a robust internet connection.
  4. Make sure you are not in the Mobile Suica / Mobile PASMO / Mobile ICOCA 1 am~5 am JST maintenance window.
  5. It’s also a good idea to check Apple’s Japanese System Status page to make sure Apple Pay & Wallet services are online and not experiencing local region issues.

If you still have recharge issues follow these additional steps (note that you cannot do these steps if you are in transit and have not tapped out at your final destination):

  1. Confirm that you are logged into the same Apple ID used to add Suica • PASMO • ICOCA
  2. Open Wallet > select Suica, PASMO or ICOCA > tap the more button ‘…’ > scroll to the bottom of the card > tap ‘Remove this card’.
  3. Wait 5 minutes.
  4. Tap add card ‘+’ in Wallet, tap Previous Cards in Add to Wallet screen
  5. Select your Suica, PASMO or ICOCA in the Previous Cards screen, tap Continue.
  6. In Add Card the Suica, PASMO or ICOCA you removed from Wallet should be showing with the balance, tap Next to complete.

If recharge still fails, download and open Suica App or PASMO App. It may display an error number or a red exclamation mark. Tap the red explanation mark if you see one on the card, then tap ‘OK’.

This operation will clear most error problems. Give it 10 minutes or so to clear the problem.

When the card remove operation appears hung
If the Suica•PASMO•ICOCA card removes from Wallet but appears hung as “Removing/Deleting” in the iCloud device list, or if Wallet says the card cannot be removed because it is “In Transit”, sign out of Apple ID on your iPhone, restart the device, then login with the same Apple ID.

Card Unavailable Message
In some cases you may get a Card Unavailable screen when attempting to re-add Suica•PASMO in Wallet:

This means there are some issues that the Mobile Suica / Mobile PASMO systems will clear during the maintenance period. Simply wait for the end of the next 2 am~4 am JST maintenance window, then re-add the card.

**Troubleshooting notice for Apple Pay Commuter Suica users: Suica App 3.0 has a new process for re-adding Commuter Suica cards. There are cases when re-adding a Commuter Suica to Wallet when the stored fare balance will be 0. Don’t panic if this happens. The stored fare balance is not lost.

This is done so that commuter passes can be re-added and used immediately even if there are remaining stored fare issues that will be fixed during the next Mobile Suica nightly maintenance reset. The previous stored fare balance is restored manually via the Suica Pocket option in Suica App and will show up as a Suica App notification.

Bricked iPhone
If your iPhone or Apple Watch becomes bricked due to damage the first step is following the same steps for a lost or wiped device: login to your Apple ID account on the web or from another trusted Apple ID device and remotely delete the Apple Pay cards from the bricked device.

Restoring Suica etc. is exactly the same as transferring Suica to a new iPhone. Once you successfully delete the card on the bricked device and are ready to restore the card to a new device, simply add the card using the iOS 15 or later Wallet app Previous Cards category.

Mobile Suica account users also have the option to reissue the Suica from a bricked device via the Mobile Suica members site. Once signed in you can check the online status and balance of the Suica card. Select the reissue option and follow the instructions. Users can also quit Mobile Suica and refund the remaining card balance to a Japanese bank account with a ¥220 handling fee.

Trouble transferring plastic Suica•PASMO•ICOCA to Wallet
If you have problems transferring a plastic Suica • PASMO • ICOCA card to Wallet there are documented tips on the Apple Support page If you can’t transfer Suica, PASMO or ICOCA cards to your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Trouble transferring Suica • PASMO • ICOCA to new iPhone
If you have problems with transferring Suica, PASMO, or ICOCA to a new iPhone see Move Suica to new iPhone or Recover Suica from a lost or wiped iPhone.

Transit Gate Issues
When exiting the last station the user failed to tap correctly. The gate will flash red with an alert sound but sometimes the user continues on leaving the Suica card status as ‘in transit’. The next time you enter a transit gate it flashes red with an alarm sound. Take your iPhone to the station attendant and they will reset it but they will have to deduct fare from your previous trip to reset the card. Be aware that you must do this at the station of the same company line used for the last trip. Suica, PASMO, ICOCA cards cannot be used again until you have settled the fare. You cannot at any station or different company line.

If you enter a transit gate with Suica but exit outside of the Suica/PASMO region, you will have to pay cash fare for the entire trip. The station attendant will give you a piece of paper validating that you paid the fare. When you are in the Suica/PASMO region again, give the paper and iPhone to a station attendant and they will reset it for you.

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Mobile Suica Operational Hours (24 hour format)
Operational times for specific functions are listed. All times are Japan Standard Time (JST)
Basic services run 22 hours from 4:00 (am) to 2:00 (am), with a 2 hour system maintenance window. Special system maintenance schedules and other important Mobile Suica system info is posted here (Japanese only). Mobile PASMO and Mobile ICOCA operational hours are the same.

Account Registration
04:00~02:00 Create new Mobile Suica account
05:00~00:50 Register and transfer Suica commuter pass to Mobile Suica account

Stored Fare Balance
04:00~02:00 Wallet App or Suica App recharge*
*(Cash recharge at stations, 7-11 ATMs, convenience stores is always available 24/7)
04:00~02:00 Auto-Charge registration/change settings/cancel (VEIW CARD)
05:00~00:50 View transaction history in Suica App
05:00~00:50 Download PDF receipts from Mobile Suica members site

Suica Commute Plans
05:00~23:45 Purchase, renew, refund or change commute plan route

Suica Green Car Tickets
04:00~00:50 Purchase Green Car Tickets in Suica App
05:00~00:50 Refund Green Car Tickets in Suica App

Suica Day Pass
05:00~23:45 Purchase Day Pass in Suica App
05:00~23:45 Refund Day Pass in Suica App

05:00~23:45 Mobile Suica reissue
04:00~02:00 Transfer Suica to new device
05:00~23:45 Suica withdrawal refund

Last update: 2023-09-24