All About Apple Pay Suica Recharge

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Suica Recharge with Apple Pay
Suica Recharge is very simple: use your Apple Pay credit card. Anywhere, anytime. It’s the single most powerful convenient and unique features of Apple Pay Suica.

The Apple Pay support site is short on details but the general rules are:

  • Any Apple Pay credit card is good for Suica Recharge. This includes all Apple Pay compatible credit cards issued from your home country. I have Visa cards issued from Wells Fargo and Marriott/Chase Bank that work fine for Suica Recharge. Many other users from abroad have reported success with their home cards as well.
  • One exception: Japanese issue VISA branded cards cannot be used for Suica recharging with Apple Pay. Visa cards from other countries work fine.

Apple Pay Japanese issue VISA cards are good for store purchases only. If you like details, read the full story here.

Suica Recharge with Cash


You can Suica Recharge with cash at any convenience store or the new Suica Recharge kiosks, called “Charge” in Japan, at JR stations.

New smartphone savvy Suica Charge kiosks are being installed in major Tokyo area stations. Simply place your Apple Pay Suica ready iPhone 8 or hold your Apple Watch Series 3 in the blue reader bin, select the amount of money you want to add on the touch screen and feed some bills to start the process, The blue bin flashes red while the machine charges Apple Pay Suica, then turns blue again when charge is complete. You also get a notification on your device. My shaky video of the process below gives you an idea.

For Apple Pay Suica Recharge with cash at convenience stores simply tell the clerk that you want to “Suica Charge”.

Suica Recharge with Suica App
Another Suica Recharge option is Suica App. To use this you need to register a Mobile Suica account and a credit card in Suica App. See the Suica Recharge section in All About Suica App.