Why iPhone X disappeared from Apple’s Using Suica in Japan page

Apple Using Suica in Japan page
The September 21 update to Apple’s Using Suica on iPhone or Apple Watch in Japan omits any mention of iPhone X.

After careful examination of Apple’s recently updated Using Suica in Japan page I find the new device profile wording very strange: iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus and later. Why no iPhone X or later? It was there before. Why Apple, why? Could it be that the iPhone X NFC hardware problem is a profound embarrassment? And that iPhone X Suica problems seem endless?

Bingo, we have a winner.

Update: a longtime reader reached out saying I had gone a little too far: dropping iPhone X from the lineup is just simplifying things, nothing more. He’s right. I was angry from reading too many Japanese tweets about the new iOS 12 iPhone X Suica issues. Anger is never a productive mood to write from. There are many hard working people at Apple who do their best to help customers. There are many Japanese iPhone X customers who need that help. I hope it can all come to a happy and productive conclusion for everyone.


iOS 12 update woes: one step back after one step forward for iPhone X Suica users

Poor iPhone X Suica users. No sooner did they finally fix iPhone X Suica hardware problems by getting a Revision B iPhone exchange when the iOS 12 update set them back. Here we go again.

This time it really is software with iPhone X Apple Pay Suica Express Card sometimes unresponsive and Apple Pay demanding a Passcode/Face ID unlock at transit gates, or just good old error flicker. Users with Rev-B iPhone X devices say they didn’t have these problems with iOS 11.4.1.

This kind of thing has happened before: the Apple Pay Japan debut iOS 10.1 release for iPhone 7 had transit gate teething problems and the iOS 11.1 Apple Pay Cash debut release made life miserable for all Apple Pay Suica users regardless of iPhone model.

After dealing with Suica hardware problems for so long iPhone X users are very sensitive and, understandably, easily upset given that Apple knows about the iPhone X Suica problem but refuses to acknowledge it publicly, putting users through the Apple Support runaround game. I suspect iPhone 8 users are experiencing the same iOS 12 Suica issues but are less vocal about it.

This kind of Suica, “iOS loves me, iOS loves me not” version by version game is a consequence of Apple requiring iOS to operate Suica on pre-A12 Bionic devices. As my iPhone XS review makes clear, essential Suica operations run on A12 Bionic without iOS. This makes iPhone XS and iPhone XR Apple Pay Suica ‘bulletproof’ to any given iOS version. It just works, even when the battery runs down.

As one Japanese user complained on Twitter last night, “Is this (iOS 12 Suica) problem just an Apple ploy to get us to upgrade to iPhone XS?”

That’s not exactly the sound of a satisfied Apple customer eager to upgrade to a new iPhone. This years iPhone launch day was very quiet in Japan. Apple had better get cracking on fixing problems here if they value Japanese customers and want to keep them. These days Apple seems to take Japan completely for granted.

Dear Apple, this is not how you should treat iPhone X customers

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Word about Revision B iPhone X is slowly getting around in Japan. Appreciative readers taking the iPhone X replacement challenge are saying things like, “now that I have a iPhone X that works right I’ll stick with it for another year and forgo upgrading to iPhone XS.”

Good choice but that’s not exactly what I call customer satisfaction. Apple really needs to issue a proper exchange program or their reputation and iPhone market share in Japan will go down the drain. There’s darker side appearing too: I’m seeing more Japanese tweets of iPhone X NFC suddenly failing dramatically. I’ll keep tabs and report new developments. I hope this is not going to be yet another bad turn in an already ugly drama.

If we are seeing failed logic boards for iPhone 8 and iPhone X within the first year after manufacture, I’m seriously thinking we could be seeing the downside of Tim Cook’s long term ‘put all the supply chain and manufacturing eggs in the China basket’ strategy. That era might be ending. It might be time to spread the risk, the supply chain and manufacturing.

iPhone X NFC debacle a golden opportunity for Pixel 3 in Japan

Pixel 3
Pixel 3 leaks have been many from Android Police

Apple pre-order weekend for iPhone XS/XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4 is winding down. There was far less excitement this year in Japan than before. Ming-Chi Kuo is already trimming his iPhone XS exceptions. The local Docomo shop backed this up. The desk clerk said, “We’ve got iPhone pre-orders but it had been quiet this year.”

Reading Japanese reactions on Twitter it’s easy to see that many are waiting to see what Japanese market support Google announces at the Pixel 3 October 9 event. If Pixel 3 comes with Global FeliCa support like iPhone does, the Google Pay Japan flop withstanding, Japanese iPhone X users disgusted by the iPhone X NFC debacle will gladly take switch.

If there is one thing I have learned after 30 years here is that Japanese are very unattached to things. When something better comes along they coolly size the situation and take it. A lot of Japanese in the blog sphere are saying Apple iPhone has peaked out in Japan. If that turns out to be true in the months ahead, Apple has nobody to blame but themselves.

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