Another CoreText Crime?

John Gruber notices that smart punctuation was mysteriously working then not working in iOS 11 iMessage:

But if I’m right about why, then why does it apply to iMessage messages — a.k.a. blue-bubble messages — too? iMessage messages aren’t limited by the antiquated constraints of SMS in any other way, so why limit them typographically?

As Gruber notes, SMS messages are out of the question, but considering that the last 2 iMessage text crashing problems have been CoreText crimes, this smells like yet another.

One reader tweeted that Apple needs to fuzz the hell out of CoreText but I think that is a dead-end that will just go on forever. A CoreText reboot is the better long-term solution and use of limited engineering resources.



egword Universal 2 Available for Pre-order


eg word Universal 2 Mac App Store

egword Universal is now available for pre-order on the Japanese Mac App Store.
The special launch price is ¥3,800 for a limited time. MONOKAKIDO‘s Hirose san says that even though egword Universal 2.1 runs on El Capitan and above, the Mac App Store limits the download to macOS 10.13.2 and above.

Is APFS fully supported yet?

Nobody covers APFS better than Howard Oakley:

So, as of High Sierra 10.13.3, APFS is the standard file system for SSDs which are only used by High Sierra systems, “can” be used on hard disks which are only used by High Sierra systems, but remains unsupported on Fusion Drives.

There are four major limitations to the use of APFS.

Essential reading.

egword Universal 2 returns to macOS

egword Universal 2.1 AnnouncementSomehow it seems entirely appropriate that with CoreText under fire, Norihito Hirose of MONOKAKIDO announced the official return date of the very first top to bottom CoreText app, egword Universal 2.1. Longtime Japanese fans who created countless documents on the Mac only egword Japanese word processor app are overjoyed. egword was always praised for its Japanese typography quality and speed. The software was an integral part of many Japanese print operations.

egword Universal 2.1 will go on sale March 14 on the Mac App Store for ¥3,800. I don’t remember the exact 2006 pricing but it at least twice that. I hope to talk with Hirose san before the release date and write a blog post. It will be fun to hear about his return journey with egword and where he plans to go with it from here.

Congratulations Hirose san!

egword Universal 2 Reboot Enters Beta

egword beta 1Norihito Hirose remains hard at work getting egword code in shape for release and hit an important milestone: beta 1. Congratulations Hirose san and the MONOKAKIDO team! Many Japanese users look forward to the official return of egword Universal 2.

You can download and try out the beta until March 31. egword runs on macOS 10.11 and above.