Juggling domestic and international App Store accounts in iOS 12

iOS 12 App Store limitations
iOS 12 App Store can update Apps from a secondary account but only App titles that exist in the main account App Store

I can’t find the link right now (found it) but some blogs reported back in early summer that iOS 12 iOS 11.3 gained the ability to update App Store content from 2 different account IDs, USA and international.

I have juggled USA and Japan App Store content since App Store day 1 2008. Updating meant constant logging out and logging in to different accounts manually, a pain in the neck that I grew accustomed to over the years. Things have slowly improved but seamless savvy domestic~international App Store switching is still not there yet in iOS 12.

iOS 12 updates Apps from both USA and Japan accounts but only for content that is exists in both App Stores. Any attempt to update Japan only content from Yahoo Japan, Docomo, etc., and the USA App store coughs up a ‘This item is no longer available’ error. Back to the old tried and true ‘log out of US store log in to Japan store’ update maneuver.

This kind of ‘USA English version first, internationalization and optimization later when we can get to it’ attitude seems to be getting worse at Apple instead of better. On iOS 12 alone we have Apple Music Japan content that still does not Kana sort, half-assed Apple Maps Japan content, no Japanese TV content what-so-ever even though Netflix Japan and Amazon Prime Japan are going all out. On the just released macOS Mojave 10.14 iMessages is still missing Location settings. The list goes on.

Apple likes to pride itself on being, slightly, ahead of the curve on software internationalization. Sometimes it is, sometimes not. Smart, savvy internationalization of OS, cloud and content services that lead the industry may not sound sexy or produce big profits, but they have a huge impact on product quality around the world.

Making Apple products the best possible products out there was what Steve Jobs was all about. Apple may be stumbling of late, let’s hope they remember their founder by putting all into the job at hand.


Apple Event 2018 and Apple Values

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The Apple Event 2018 is less than 12 hours away. I’ll watch it and understand the excitement surrounding it, but it already feels very different from any other iPhone announcement, like something telecast from another time and place.

I have enjoyed my iPhone X in many ways but wanted to enjoy it more. Right of the box my iPhone X Suica Problem device was an annoyance but the Apple Pay Suica problem stubbornly remained, iOS update after update, exchange after exchange until I got my hands on a Rev-B iPhone X. Every step of the 11 month journey has been an endless loop between ‘Apple will do right by its customers’ hope and ‘Apple doesn’t give a damn about customers, they only care about pretending they do’ reality.

Nobody wants to unearth a fiasco, which I believe the iPhone X Suica Problem is, and there is only one conclusion I can come up with: Apple knew they were selling defective iPhone X devices but sold them anyway. Apple refuses to acknowledge the problem publicly and refuses to exchange all the iPhone X devices they know to be defective. It gets worse: a Docomo source told me Apple told Docomo to keep quiet about the problem.

The decision to sell a flagship product with a known defect reflects the corporate values of the current Apple executive leadership. Tim Cook and team are OK with that. Tim Cook can eulogize Apple corporate values all he wants to at the Apple Event, but I don’t believe a word of it anymore. Enough words Mr. Cook, I’ll believe in honest action when I see it. Car manufacturers do recalls of defective products, why not Apple if they love their customers so much?

Steve Jobs, for all his complex conflicting qualities, had the guts to stand up in front of everybody to explain the iPhone 4 Anntenagate debacle, or at least try to, and do something about it. Does Tim Cook have the same kind of leadership guts and values to do that?

So far he hasn’t shown us that he does.

Dear Apple

macOS Mohave Messages app Location Thingy

Dear Apple Engineers,

Please add the Location thingy to macOS Mojave Messages app preferences and everything will be insanely great.

Love and Kisses,

Ata Distance