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NTT Flet’s fails in the Covid traffic crunch

NTT FLET’S internet service has been around forever in many configurations, the latest being Flet’s Hikari ‘optical fiber’. I call it flexible fiber because NTT uses the term Hikari when they should not. My Hikari only comes into the apartment building junction box then branches into each apartment with good […]

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Farewell to AirPort Base Station Part 2

After posting Farewell to Airport Base Station a reader who also suffered from slow NTT Flets internet speeds asked for a few details to help him troubleshoot his own setup. Before starting out here is a warning: rental devices from NTT and internet providers like So-net are constantly being updated […]

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Farewell to AirPort Base Station

I used AirPort since the first generation in 1999 and always found the AirPort series to be reliable and easy to configure. But starting in mid 2016 I noticed my NTT Flets mansion (PPPoE – VDSL) service slowing down to analog modem speeds at night and during the weekends. And […]