I was fortunate to work as imagesetter product manager at Heidelberg Japan and later cover the Japanese print market and font technology for the highly respected industry publication Seybold Reports when they still had the original editorial staff at Media PA. Peter Dyson, George Alexander and the Media team were the smartest editors I ever worked with. They were all let go in 2004 during the disastrous SoftBank• Ziff Davis stewardship that destroyed the Seybold brand and business. Their dedication and hard work getting a story right was truly inspiring, a quality that has pretty much disappeared in the internet era as industry news publications degenerated into PR aggregators.

After that I was a technology reporter covering the Japanese market for Off The Record Research (OTR Global). At present I manage Nichiren Shu English language publications and media and write this blog when I have free time. If AtaDistance is useful to you, please donate below to help offset costs and keep the guide pages up to date. My contact is here and on Twitter @Kanjo


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