Apple Card and Apple Cash Trademark Applications for Japan

The site reports a JP trademark bot tweet that shows Apple applied for Apple Card and Apple Cash trademarks in Japan on July 16, the trademark bot tweet itself is dated August 4. The application follows recent similar moves in Europe and other countries. The official launch of Apple Card in America is expected in the next week or so.

Japan will likely be unique in that Apple Card and Apple Cash in other countries will be EMV only, but FeliCa and EMV dual mode for Japanese digital issue. Mastercard, American Express and JCB already offer dual mode service for Japanese issue Apple Pay credit cards, which work well with NFC switching introduced in iOS 11 and global FeliCa iPhone/Apple Watch.

If Apple really wants to innovate with Apple Card, leverage the global NFC capabilities of iOS 13 and iPhone, and leave outdated single mode plastic credit card business practices in the past, they should go all in with dual mode Apple Card for all regions. After all it is Apple’s card, and virtual like the Apple Card tag line says, “Apple Card lives on your iPhone, in the Wallet app. And that makes all kinds of new things possible.”

Mastercard has been the most aggressive card company offering dual mode for Japanese Apple Pay card holders. Offering dual mode for virtual Apple Card customers everywhere can be done and would be one heck of an innovation for inbound visitors with iPhone and Apple Card for the Tokyo Olympics.

It will be interesting to see how Apple integrates Apple Card with the Japanese contactless payment networks: iD, QUICPay, and NFC Pay, how Apple Card/Apple Cash integrate with Suica Recharge and what kinds of reward points are offered.


WWDC19 Keynote and Apple Pay

There hasn’t been a single Apple Pay mention in tech site iOS 13 feature roundups for the WWDC19 keynote. I think there will be a few. The WWDC19 Apple Pay wish list includes developer stuff to be covered in sessions. The keynote short list is…

New ‘Apple Card’ Wallet UI
Apple Card UI goodies are available to all iOS 13 Wallet cards.

NFC tag Apple Pay
Shown by Jennifer Bailey at the closed session Transact keynote last month, NFC tag Apple Pay is an important new development for the platform.

Apple Pay Transit
Apple only mentions Apple Pay Transit when they are planning to add new transit cards or new transit systems. In this scenario Express Transit support on TfL would only get a mention if Apple Pay Oyster is coming, which it is not. Nevertheless I think transit will get a mention for 2, possibly 3, new additions coming after the iOS 13 release:

The WWDC19 keynote is June 3, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. PDT

More Apple Pay Suica Wallet UI Tweaks for iOS 12.3

I wrote in my iOS 12.2 review that the new Wallet changes felt unfinished, and I was right. The constant Wallet UI tweaking of iOS 12.2 continues unabated in iOS 12.3 beta 4 Apple Pay Suica. The biggest changes are the elimination of separate info and transaction screens. All transaction are now on the main screen, and good old blue highlights are back on the card itself, but Wallet still retains the black theme. It still feels unfinished with more tweaks to come. Here are comparison screenshots.

Transaction details now show location details again, as they did up until iOS 12.2 beta 3, but 3D Touch is missing for ‘pop-up’ transaction details, and transactions cannot be swipe deleted like they can in iOS 12.2 (though they can still be swipe deleted in the Suica transaction list in Settings> Wallet> Suica, what gives?). Icon colors are less garish but only come in 2 varieties: transit and everything else. It would make more sense, and be much more helpful, to have at least one more color to distinguish between transit, purchase and recharge.

This constant hit and miss tweaking is very weird for Apple, almost as if the iOS 13 beta process started with Wallet in iOS 12.2. But I think it has more to do with the unfinished state of Apple Card and the new Wallet UI card design that Apple will probably announce for iOS 13. If nothing else it certainly suggests that the Apple Card UI is a rush job for a product that was pre-announced too soon.

iOS 13 Apple Card Wallet

Using the Apple Card flavored Suica UI and redesigned Wallet of iOS 12.2 these past few weeks has been weird but instructive. The UI still feels like it dropped into iOS 12 from somewhere else, Samsung One perhaps? But since the Apple Card announcement, I think we are seeing a preview of what’s coming in iOS 13, and Apple Pay Suica Transit Card in iOS 12.2 is the first iteration of a fuller design and feature set for Apple Pay Wallet cards of all types in iOS 13.

Even in the official iOS 12.2 release, Suica Card has an unfinished feel. Early iOS 12.2 beta builds had a 3D Touch feature for transactions that disappeared before the final release but is shown in the Apple Card video. There is also a strange Suica Card info refresh action that does absolutely nothing because in it’s current state, there is no information to pull down from Mobile Suica. Suica Service Mode remains the only way to force refresh Suica balance and transaction information, which is local to the device, if they fail to update automatically. The empty refresh action seems like a placeholder for something coming later: highly detailed transaction and summary updates pulled from the card provider cloud.

Suica Express Card Refresh Action

So what can we expect for iOS 13 Apple Pay cards and Wallet? A quick look at the Apple Card design shows detailed location aware transaction information, balance due, payment options and information summaries and more. Jennifer Bailey has expressly said that Apple Pay is not about disrupting the credit card industry so I don’t think Apple wants to keep these things exclusive to Apple Card. I expect the WWDC iOS 13 announcement and sessions will unveil new Wallet controls for developers to add those features to Apple Pay Wallet cards.

The more features and information that reside on the Wallet card itself instead of launching an app, the better. It’s a trend I hope Apple will encourage by offering more NFC access and control to 3rd party developers. If NFC is getting major improvements in iOS 13 as Guilherme Rambo says, I think the Apple Pay sessions at WWDC19 will be a good show.

UPDATE: More WWDC19 Wallet analysis