Tricky time of year

The cherry blossoms in Tokyo are peaking today and while they are always enjoyable, the right weather rarely coincides for taking good pictures. The pink color only pops when there is clear blue sky that provides the right contrasting background and framing a picture that captures the expansive restless beauty is nearly impossible. For me the real beauty of cherry blossoms is how they constantly play with the light and wind. I find that video shot in the early morning light works best.

Cherry Blossom Japanese Vocabulary

The Japanese language is the best equipped language in the world for flower viewing. Hundreds of years of experiences and poetry are packed into the vocabulary. Impress and amaze your Japanese friends when using these expressions:

Hana-ikada (花筏): “flower petal boat” when a pond, steam or river is filled with fallen cherry blossom petals

Hana-komichi (花小道): “flower petal path” when a pathway is strewn with fallen cherry blossom petals

Hana-fubuki (花風吹き): a shower of cherry blossom petals blown by a gust of wind

Hana-bie (花冷え): chilly spring weather during cherry blossom viewing season

Hana-gumori (花曇り): cloudy skies during cherry blossom viewing season

Hana-gasumi: (花霞): hazy pollen filled but clear skies during the cherry blossom viewing season

Have fun.