The Perils of Changing Your Apple ID Country

You can change your Apple ID country setting but there are risks as outlined by Apple Support and the recent “Apple deleted my movies” viral Tweet brouhaha. I guess Mr. da Silva neglected to read the Apple Support doc.

I myself would love to change my Apple ID Country setting from the US to Japan so that iMessages on macOS will finally show proper contact names instead of +81-80-xxxx-xxxx because iMessages in macOS Mojave still does not have a Location setting like FaceTime and iMessages do everywhere else.

Unfortunately when I do that I lose access to all of my iTunes USA purchased content built up over the years, just like Mr. da Silva. I hate it that all of my purchased digital content is locked to my credit card country. If it’s my content it should be my content everywhere right?

Oh well, it looks like another year of using iMessages on iPad instead of macOS.

macOS Mohave Messages app Location Thingy

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