iOS 11.3 Update Raises iPhone X / 8 Docomo Network Speeds

As expected, Docomo raised the network download speed bar for iPhone X and iPhone 8 users with the iOS 11.3 Update / Docomo Carrier v32.1, going from 494Mbps to 544Mbps. If you use the Docomo SpeedTest App you can see that Docomo swapped out Green and Purple top speed colors. The screenshots on the top row are post iOS 11.3 update March 30, the bottom shots are from March 4.


Gimme The Green Speed

NTT Docomo’s Premium 4G service speed comes in 2 basic versions, the fast one for Android, the slightly slower one for iPhone. As I wrote back in October:

iPhone 8/X can achieve up to 500Mpbs download speeds on Premium 4G with 3CC CA (but only in central Japan for now). It’s the same for story for KDDI and SoftBank. An interesting side note is that the Apple Japan specs page originally published the iPhone 8/X top download speed as 800Mpbs then changed it.

5 months later Docomo has yet to upgrade their Tokyo area 4G network iPhone speed to 500Mpbs. The Docomo Speedtest app always shows Tokyo @ 450Mpbs (purple) with 500Mpbs (green) just a month out. But this Docomo tease has been going on for a few months now, the Green Speed is always just around the corner.

iOS 11.3 beta 5 bumped the Docomo carrier file number to 32.0 so maybe, just maybe the Green Speed finally arrives with iOS 11.3.

My docomo Gets a Big Update

docomo iPhone customers got a big update today, My docomo v2 with a completely new design and iPad support. It’s now easier to see monthly data usage and buy more (naturally) if necessary, access plan options and d Points, finally there is much better integration of multiple device accounts. It used to be that docomo branded Android phones had all the bells and whistles but those days are waning fast.

Unfortunately changing plan options still kicks you over to the My docomo browser page forcing you do make changes there. I’d rather keep all my business in the app but I think docomo will get there eventually.

Today’s big app update is just the first part of the My Docomo makeover. The My docomo web site gets a big refresh this Thursday, February 8.

One last thing, docomo is dropping tethering charges for Ultra Pack data customers that were due to kick in on April 1.

Docomo tethering charges
docomo is dropping tethering charges for Ultra Pack users.