iOS 11.3 Apple Pay Adds Beijing and Shanghai Transit Card Support

As alluded to in iOS 11.3 beta 4 first reported by 9 to 5 Mac, the official iOS 11.3 Update added Apple Pay Transit support for Beijing and Shanghai brand China T-Union IC transit cards joining Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung which previously added China T-Union card support. Apple lists support on the Apple Pay Transit page as Express Transit “Beta” cards, other Apple support pages have instructions for adding and using them. One interesting difference from Suica is that plastic Beijing and Shanghai transit cards can still be used after being transferred into Apple Pay. Chinese users posted images to Twitter, Wei Feng has details in Chinese, Apple Insider posted an article as well.

Apple appears to be making it easier for Apple Pay to support IC transit cards in iOS 11.3. Suica has become the default transit card in Wallet accessible in all iOS 11.3 Region settings not just Japan anymore. Japanese IT Journalist Junya Suzuki tweeted that according to his sources Apple has been in talks with many transit agencies. The sources suggest that Apple Pay China T-Union card expansion could be coming soon and is “highly possible.”

More Apple Pay Transit Coming Soon

iOS 11.3/WatchOS 4.3 Update Breaks Apple Pay Suica (U)

JR East issued a system notice via Suica App that the iOS 11.3/WatchOS 4.3 Update breaks Apple Pay Suica functionality in the following ways.:

  1. Apple Pay Suica Express Transit stops working. JR East says to restart the device to restore Suica Express Transit functionality.
  2. Suica stops working on iPhone with the ANA Milage Club App installed. JR East instructs users to download and install the updated ANA Milage Club App v1.1.11 and restart the device.

The JR East notice was updated and changed during the day and it’s not clear if all Apple Pay Suica users were affected or not. One thing is clear: Apple needs to fix Suica, new problems in addition to the iPhone X Suica problem reported earlier.

Update: ANA released ANA Milage Club App v1.1.11 that fixes the iOS 11.3 Suica incompatibility

Apple Pay Suica Express Transit Error Flicker on iOS 11.3 beta (U)

I tested iOS 11.3 beta 4 / beta 5 Apple Pay Suica Express Transit performance on iPhone X in the hopes that Apple fixed the error flicker issue. So far no luck. See for yourself.

iOS 11.3 does not fix the iPhone X Suica problem.

iPhone X has a NFC hardware problem, for more information see:
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