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The iPhone X Suica Golden Boy

1️⃣ iPhone X Suica Problem Q&A Exchange Guide 2️⃣ iPhone X Suica問題Q&A交換ガイド (Japanese) 3️⃣ Apple Denial and iPhone X Users 4️⃣ iPhone X Suica Problem Index The ongoing iPhone X Suica Problem is, well, a continuing problem for many. But not all! Twitter user yuya-310 has been a loyal reader sharing his iPhone X […]

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More Google Pay Suica MIA

Japanese Twitter users are posting lots of interesting details and the list of Google Pay Suica limitations continues to grow: one Suica per phone, no Suica Commuter support, no Shinkansen e-tickets, Google Pay Suica transaction records only cover purchases, not transit, and so on. Is this a HCE-F limitation thing […]

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iPhone Stock App Loses Japanese Language Ability

The Old Yahoo Inc. backend for the iPhone Stock app was changed recently and has completely lost the ability to search Japanese stocks in Japanese and display Japanese company names. The only way to add Japanese stocks is the English company name or the stock number which is the only […]

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The Daily Grind

もうApple Payやめたい 最近、しばらくかざしてないと改札通れないこと多いし、今日に至っては、全く反応しなかった。 いちいち改札通るたびに、大丈夫かな、って思ってたらモバイルSuicaにした意味無し — よし (@yoshi_qo99) April 27, 2018 The above tweet, from an iPhone X Apple Pay Suica user I’ll bet, perfectly captures the frustration experienced by a daily commuter: “I want to quit Apple Pay Suica, it’s so slow, yesterday it didn’t work. Mobile Suica is useless […]