Apple Pay Suica iOS 12.2 beta 4 (U)

iOS 12.2 beta 4 continues to tweak the Apple Pay Suica UI. Shortcuts from Suica notifications finally work and the main Suica screen now sports a ‘Charge’ (Add Money) button. The UI changes in 12.2 still feel lumpy and inconsistent however: in other system preferences blue indicates an operation or another screen, ever since iOS 12.2 beta 1 Wallet operations are indicated by black with a few blue text leftovers:

A reader asked for some clarification of the updated Apple Pay Suica UI in beta 4. The information display is slightly different for regular and commuter Suica in the details screen. The top row of icons includes a commuter pass renewal shortcut with route details and balance information displayed further down. I think the iOS 12.2 Suica UI will continue to be a moving target, witness the sloppy icon text pushing up the Safari icon and off line with other icons in the commuter Suica screen. Clearly Apple is not sweating the details.


Apple Pay Suica iOS 12.2 beta 3

The iOS 12.2 beta 3 developer release has some UI tweaks for Apple Pay Suica. It is a little less rough than previous beta versions but still has a curiously un-Apple and inelegant UI design feel. From what I have seen so far, iOS 12.2 is a step backwards from the iOS 12.1 design. Other observations: Suica notification shortcuts are still useless and the new notification font design is simply hideous. As usual I do not recommend using beta software, stick with the official releases.

iOS 12.2 beta warning for Suica users (U)

Just a friendly word of advice for Apple Pay Suica users who are thinking about trying the iOS 12.2 beta: don’t. Design tweaks have rearranged and hidden some important functions while breaking others. Wait until the beta is further along or the official release. A quick rundown:


  • Suica Notification shortcut links for Recharge and Commuter Pass Renewal don’t work, they only take the user to a default Suica card screen.


  • Recharge and Commuter Pass Renewal used to be one tap away on the default Suica card screen but have been relocated so that users have a convoluted 4 step drill down through a total of 3 screens to finally get to Recharge/Renewal. This is progress?

UPDATE: iOS 12.2 beta 2 does not have any Wallet/Suica UI fixes or improvements from beta 1