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Face ID + Face Masks = Lost iPhone Sales

The China only Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor iPhone rumor making the rounds is interesting but the reasons offered for it, and the analysis for lost iPhone sales in China don’t really add up. There is a far simpler explanation: Face ID sucks when you wear face masks. Lots of people in […]

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Unbundled World

Tim Cook on the 1Q 2019 iPhone sales decline in Japan: In Japan, iPhone purchases were traditionally subsidized, bundled with carrier contracts. Today, local regulations have significantly restricted those subsidies as well as related competition. We estimate less than half of iPhones sold in Japan in Q1 this year were […]

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Dear Tim

Dear Tim In uncertain and challenging times it’s more important than ever to look for good opportunities. Here is one for the Japanese market. Did you see that news item from JR East about all those old Osaifu-Keitai models being dropped from Mobile Suica in 2020? That’s a few million […]