Monk’s Trail Race overcomes a tough run

Poor Minobusan cannot catch a break. The Shugyoso Monk’s Run Trail Race I profiled a few years back was cancelled 2 years running due to major typhoon inflicted damage on the Shichimensan trail. Just as it was due to start up again COVID hit and it was cancelled again.

To keep it alive the resourceful Shugyoso organizers opted for a 17 km course ‘mini race’ up and down Shichimensan this year limited to 50 runners each on November 21, 22, 28, 29. It’s an encouraging sign that the races have all sold out, and some merchandise is coming too. Hopefully it will keep the race going until a full trail race up Minobusan and Shichimensan can finally be held.

The course this year is half of what it usually is, up the Omotesando trail of Shichimensan and down the Kitasando trail