Apple Pay Ruined My Diet


The cash register beckons

Now this is genius Apple Pay marketing. Lure Japanese people from their weakest point: the stomach along with the offer to save money.

Most of the Apple Pay Japan promotions to date have been linked to credit card point bonuses for Docomo dCARD and the like which are worth it if you are really after points. To me points are not worth the trouble because the trade-in goodies are stuff I never want.

But MINI STOP softcream is a different deal. Immediate gratification and ¥50 off the regular price by paying with Apple Pay is too good to pass up on my daily lunch trip.

There goes my diet, clearly Apple’s fault.

Update: This campaign is part of a major new rollout of eight nine new Apple Pay Japan partners today, this afternoon actually, with plenty to cover in a separate post. Think of the potential if Apple cut a few Apple Pay promotion campaigns with Japanese grocery chains. Offer a discount with Apple Pay purchases and there would be thongs of iPhone carrying Japanese housewives clogging the check out aisles. The possibilities are endless.