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This guide covers advanced Suica•PAMSO features of the Japanese language only Suica App and PASMO App. Latest version of Suica App and PASMO App, Apple Pay credit/debit/prepaid card already in Wallet required, the latest iOS recommend. Add Suica•PASMO directly in Wallet without Suica App or PASMO App.

Suica App • PASMO App
Mobile Suica is the JR East Suica mobile phone and cloud service that launched in 2006 for Japanese feature phones, Japanese Android phones in 2011 and Apple Pay in 2016. Mobile PASMO and Apple Pay PASMO launched in 2020. Suica App and PASMO App are iOS apps for accessing the full range of cloud services on Mobile Suica • Mobile PASMO.

Suica App has 3 basic function: (1) train commute plan purchase and expired commute plan renewal, (2) Green Car Seat upgrades, (3) Auto-Charge setup.

PASMO App has 2 basic function: (1) train and bus commute plan purchase and expired commute plan renewal, (2) Auto-Charge setup.

Suica App • PASMO App use requires registration of a free account. Once registered you have access to the full range of app menus and services.

Notice: Suica App Shinkansen download e-ticket service ended March 13, 2020, use the new Shinkansen eTicket reservation Eki-net web site or download the App (Japanese language only)

Registration and App Menus
To access all Suica App/PASMO App menu functions you must register.

  • [a] Account Settings: edit account information: iPhone mobile number, login password, email address and Face ID/ Touch ID login settings. In PASMO App you also register credit card information in Account Settings
  • [b] Add Card: add Suica•PASMO directly in Wallet without Suica App or PASMO App
  • [c] Recharge: recharge Suica•PASMO on iPhone or remotely on Apple Watch
  • [d] Purchase/Manage: purchase a Commute Plan for Suica•PASMO already in Wallet, purchase a Green Car Seat upgrade for Suica, register a credit card for Suica•PASMO, setup Auto-Charge
  • [i] Information: tap card or ‘i‘ for card ID#, commute plan ID# and other card details

Before registering it helps to have name and address information prepared in copy/paste format. Last name, first name needs to be all caps in full roman width and katakana versions, address information in Japanese format.

To register an account tap Purchase/Manage [d] and you are greeted with the registration screen prompt.

Past the initial agreement terms you are in the main registration screen. The screens below are for Suica App. Account registration is basically the same but simplified in PASMO App.

After successfully completing account registration you can access and use all the menus of Suica App or PASMO App.

Purchase Commute Plans • Green Car Upgrades

The Purchase/Manage menu [d] is where the core Suica App/PASMO App functionality resides. One important thing to remember with multiple Apple Pay Suica•PASMO Wallet cards: all Purchase/Manage items (Commute Plans, credit card registration, etc.) are attached to the selected card only. Select a different card to purchase commute plans, or manage options for that card.

Commute Plans Basics

  • Purchase Commute Plan: Purchase a new Commute Plan for any Apple Pay Suica•PASMO card in Wallet with Suica App or PASMO App
  • Renew Commute Plan: renew Suica•PASMO Commute Plan in Wallet, the renewal window is 14 days before the expiration date
  • Expired Commute Plan: If you miss the expiration date you must purchase a new commute plan in Suica App/PASMO App with a new start date.
  • Change Commute Plan: If you need to change the commute plan (station points, transfer points) renew the plan with Suica App or PASMO App during the 14 day renewal window before the expiration date.
  • Cancel and Refund Commute Plan: If you need to change or cancel your commute plan before the expiration, tap Refund and cancel the current plan (¥200 processing fee), get a refund, then create a new plan.
  • FREX/Student Commute Plans/Special Routes: Suica App does not support purchases for FREX Shinkansen Commute Plans or Student Commute Plans. Go here for details to purchase those commute plans for Apple Pay Suica use.

See Apple PAY Suica•PASMO Commute Plan Guide for purchase and renewal details. The basic difference between Suica and PASMO commute plans:
1) Suica App Commute Plans only cover JR East train lines or JR East + PASMO lines
2) PASMO App covers PASMO related train and bus lines or PASMO + JR East train lines. PASMO also supports train + bus combo commute plans that Suica does not.

Set Commute Plan Expiration Option: After purchase you are presented with a commute plan expiration option to allow regular Suica SF (Stored Fare) balance use after the commute plan expires. Choose Allow or Disallow:

  • If you choose allow and forget to renew your commute plan you might end up using the more expensive Suica SF fare without realizing it.
  • If you choose disallow, Apple Pay Suica stops working on your expired commute plan route, forcing you to renew the commute plan.

Follow the screenshot instructions below. These last 2 steps complete the Apple Pay Suica•PASMO Commute Plan purchase process.

Green Car Seat Upgrade (Suica only)
Green Car Seat Upgrades are non reserve first class seats on regular trains with dedicated Green Cars or Green Seat sections. With Suica App you can purchase a Green Car Upgrade either before or after you get on the train for the same pre-boarding price. Make sure you have a good network connection when making a Green Car Upgrade. As with all Suica App purchases, you only purchase for your own individual Apple Pay Suica, there are no group purchases.

To purchase a Green Car Seat Upgrade follow the screenshot instructions below. Upgrades can only be made for the current day. After the purchase find an empty Green Car seat on the train with a red indicator on the ceiling above, tap your Apple Pay Suica to the Suica logo, the indicator light will turn green. Suica App will show your Green Car Upgrade as used.

 Green Seat Upgrade PricesMobile SuicaMobile Suica
Up to 50km¥780¥580
From 51km¥1000¥800

Suica • PASMO Management

Some Management functions only work with JR East View credit cards or certain PASMO credit cards:
Auto-Charge (Suica and PASMO) automatic recharge when the SF balance drops to a user set recharge trigger amount.
View EX (Suica only) registers a JR East View credit card to the JR Central EX app system for EX Shinkansen eTicket purchases. See the Apple Pay Suica EX guide for details.

Credit Card Registration
Registering a credit card in Suica App • PASMO App expands recharge options and also adds Auto-Charge if you have the right Auto-Charge compatible credit card. Suica App and PASMO App registered credit cards works separately from Apple Pay and offer maximum flexibility with Japanese issue Visa cards that do not support Apple Pay In-App purchasing and recharge.

  • Suica App and PASMO App credit card registration is limited to Japanese issue cards.
  • For PASMO App you must also have a 3D Secure compatible credit card with a 3D Secure ID and password setup with the card issuer to register a credit card.
  • You do not need to register a credit card in Suica App • PASMO App for commute plans and other In-app purchases. In-app purchases be made with Apple Pay Wallet payment cards issued in your home country.

Suica App supported brands: View Card, VISA, JCB, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, JR Central EXPress Card.

PASMO App supported brands: VISA, JCB, Mastercard, American Express.

International issue credit cards are not accepted. Suica App accepts some prepaid cards such as JCB Line Card.

In Suica App credit card registration is not global and attaches to a single Suica card. If you have multiple cards, you can attach the same credit card to each one or register different credit cards with different Suica cards. In PASMO App credit card registration is global and done via the Account menu [a].

  • In Suica App tap the Purchase•Manage > Tap Change credit card info and enter the card number and expiration date.
  • In PASMO App tap Account Settings > tap Credit Card Info and enter the card number and expiration date > the next step is the 3D Secure authorization login, different for each card issuer brand (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB). You can register up to 2 credit cards.
PASMO App credit card 3D Secure confirmation is different for each issuer

One bonus if you are a LINE member is that Suica App works with the JCB Prepaid LINE cards you can purchase at any convenience store. For Japanese issue Visa card holders registering Visa in Suica App • PASMO App works around the JP Visa Apple Pay Suica Recharge limitation in Wallet.

If you have an Auto-Charge eligible Japanese issue credit card, you can set it to auto-charge your Suica or PASMO card.

Suica App: tap Auto-Charge Setup and enter a trigger balance and Auto-Charge amount.
PASMO App: tap Auto-Charge Setup and enter the trigger balance and Auto-Recharge amount.

Auto-Charge limitations

  • Auto-Charge only triggers on JR East/PASMO rail network region transit gates. Transit outside of the JR East/PASMO region such as Nagoya or Osaka will not trigger Auto-Charge
  • Store or vending machine purchases do not trigger Auto-Charge

Recharge in Suica App • PASMO App
After credit card registration you can Recharge in Suica•PASMO App with Apple Pay or the App registered card. You can also remotely recharge a Suica•PASMO on a paired Apple Watch, which is very convenient. The Suica screenshots below are the same for PASMO App.

Suica Pocket (Suica only) and Transaction History (Suica•PASMO)
The SF section covers Stored Fare functions including transactions and Suica Pocket. Transaction History lists all Suica recharges and SF use for transit and purchases up to the previous day, but not for the current day. Open Wallet to view Suica purchases and transit for the current day. If you delete a Suica card from Wallet all transaction history is erased from your device but you can access all Suica transaction history via the Mobile Suica web site. Online Transaction history lists online purchases.

Suica Pocket is a temporary holding area for JRE POINT recharges and e-money transferred from the Mobile Suica system. Suica Pocket receives SF from Suica campaign cash-backs, refunds from Suica online purchases and free Suica recharges exchanged from JRE Points. The screen shots below show the process for receiving a free Suica Recharge exchanged from JRE POINT.

View EX/Express Reserve (Suica only)
This option registers Apple Pay Suica to the JR Central EX system for Express Reservation membership which costs ¥1,080 a year. With this option you can use Apple Pay Suica for travel on the JR Central and JR West Shinkansen. See this page for details and the registration process.

Commute Plan Expiration Option/Notification Sounds (Suica•PASMO)
Other Manage menu functions include a Commute Plan Expiration Option that stops automatic use of the SF balance on your commute plan route when the commute plan has expired, and forces you to renew the commute plan to use Suica again for transit. Other menu items include handy Notification Sounds for low SF balance and soon to expire Commute Plan.

Support and Troubleshooting

General Topics

  • The latest iOS and Suica App versions recommended
  • Mobile Suica and Mobile PASMO Cloud Maintenance: from 12:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. JST daily many Apple Pay Suica•PASMO and App functionalities aren’t available, this includes adding cards, Apple Pay Recharge, and suspending and removing cards from Find My iPhone and
  • Apple Pay cards are linked to your Apple ID. If you sign out of iCloud your Apple Pay Suica card is stored on Mobile Suica or Mobile PASMO cloud, see Migrate Suica•PASMO to a new iPhone below to restore Suica•PASMO. If you sign into iCloud with a different Apple ID than the one used to add Suica•PASMO, you cannot access them. You must sign in with the same Apple ID.

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Information & Troubleshooting

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Transfer/Recover/Remove Suica • PASMO
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Recover Apple Pay Suica•PASMO from Lost or Wiped iPhone
Remove Suica•PASMO from Wallet but not lose Suica•PASMO

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