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Latest version of Suica App, Apple Pay credit/debit card already in Wallet required, the latest iOS recommend. This page covers advanced features of the Japanese language only Suica App. To create and add a virtual Suica card to Wallet in any iPhone language setting without any app, see Apple Pay Suica Guide.

Mobile Suica and Suica App
Mobile Suica is the JR East Suica mobile phone and cloud service that launched in 2006 for Japanese feature phones, Japanese Android phones in 2011 and Apple Pay in October 2016.

Suica App greatly extends the functionality of Apple Pay Suica with access to the full range of Mobile Suica cloud services and features from commute plans to Shinkansen eTickets. Mobile Suica requires registration of a free Mobile Suica account.

Suica App Menus and Mobile Suica Registration
To access Suica App menu functions you must have a Mobile Suica account. This section covers account registration and assumes you already have a Suica card in Apple Pay Wallet. When a Suica card loaded in Apple Pay Wallet, Suica App home screen displays the Suica card:

Suica app home screen
The refreshed home screen design of Suica App v2
  • [a] Mobile Suica Account Settings: this is for editing Mobile Suica account information, the iPhone mobile number, login password, email address and Face ID/ Touch ID login settings.
  • [b] Add Suica Card: the menu to add a virtual My Suica or Commuter Suica
  • [c] Suica Recharge: recharge Suica on iPhone or remotely on Apple Watch
  • [d] Ticket Purchase/Manage Suica: Purchase Shinkansen eTickets, Green Car Upgrade, Commute Plan and manage Suica card options
  • [i] Card Information: displays Suica ID#, commute plan ID# and other card details for the currently selected Suica card

Caution: Mobile Suica registration requires basic Japanese language reading ability. Be careful to use full width roman (zenkaku) when entering English language names in Kanji name fields. If you plan to register a Japanese issue bank card later make sure the name matches the card.

To create a Mobile Suica account tap Ticket Purchase/Manage Suica [d] and you are greeted with the Mobile Suica registration screen.

Past the initial agreement terms you are in the main Mobile Suica registration screen. It is one screen, screen shot sections are separated out for clarity.

After successfully completing Mobile Suica account registration you can access and use all the menus of Suica App.

Add Virtual Suica

Notice: to add a virtual Suica card in English without using an app see Apple Pay Suica Guide

With a Mobile Suica account you can add ‘My Suica’ or ‘Commuter Suica’ cards to Wallet.

  • Launch Suica App and follow numbered screenshots and captions below to create a new My Suica card, add an initial balance, and load it to Apple Pay Wallet. When adding Commuter Suica refer to the Commute Plan section below to set the commute route.

You now have a second Suica card in Wallet. See Apple Pay Suica Guide for other details or if you need to change the Express Transit Card.

Ticket Purchase and Commute Plans

Ticket Purchase/Manage Suica menu [d] is where the majority of Suica App functionality resides. One important thing to remember with multiple Apple Pay Suica Wallet cards: all Ticket Purchase/Manage Suica items (Shinkansen eTickets, commute plan, credit card registration, etc.) are attached to the specific Apple Pay Suica card selected and displayed in the home screen. Swipe to a different card to purchase tickets, commute plans, or manage a different Suica card.

Shinkansen eTicket Purchase and Direct Shinkansen Boarding
Purchase downloadable eTickets for JR East Shinkansen trains: Tohoku, Yamagata, Akita, Hokkaido, Joestsu and Hokuriku Shinkansen lines. Suica App Shinkansen eTicket purchases can be made up to 30 days in advance and are limited to JR East Shinkansen lines.

You can also purchase online eTickets linked to Apple Pay Suica for JR Central/JR West Tokaido Shinkansen (Tokyo=Osaka) and Sanyo Shinkansen (Osaka=Fukuoka) with EX Shinkansen eTicket option but the separate EX App does the same thing and is much easier to use. EX eTicket purchase requires a separate Express Reservation membership and a JR East View credit card, see the Apple Pay Suica EX guide for details.

Non-Reserve Seat eTicket
To purchase a JR East Shinkansen Non-Reserve seat eTicket: tap Shinkansen eTicket in the Ticket Purchase menu, tap the Shinkansen line you want to ride, choose: Date, Time, Start and End stations, Non-Reserve Seat, Confirm and purchase with Apple Pay.

Reserve Seat eTicket
A Shinkansen reserve seat eTicket purchase is similar but has a few extra steps to choose the Shinkansen train and reserve seat. Tap Shinkansen eTicket in the Ticket Purchase menu and follow the screenshots:

With a Suica App Shinkansen eTicket purchase and download your eTicket purchase in Wallet or Suica App before going through the Shinkansen ticket gate, you directly enter the Shinkansen gate with just Apple Pay Suica. Here are links to Japanese videos that show eTicket purchase/download and Shinkansen gate entrance.

Commute Plan
Purchase a new Suica commute plan for any Apple Pay Suica card in Wallet, renew a commute plan for a Commuter Suica that already exists or has expired, or change the route of a current commute plan. This section only covers Commute Plan purchase, for renewal details and much more see Apple Pay Suica Commute Plan guide.


  • Renew Commute Plan: the easiest way to renew Suica Commute Plan is in Wallet, the renewal window is 14 days before the expiration date
  • Expired Commute Plan: If you miss the expiration date you must purchase a new commute plan in Suica App with a new start date. Choose ‘New Plan from Previous Route’
  • Change Commute Plan: If you need to change the commute plan (station points, transfer points) renew the plan with Suica App during the 14 day renewal window before the expiration date
  • Cancel and Refund Commute Plan: If you need to change or cancel your commute plan before the expiration, tap Refund and cancel the current plan (¥200 processing fee), get a refund, then create a new plan
  • FREX/Suica Bus/Student Commute Plans/Special Routes: Suica App does not support purchases for FREX Shinkansen Commute Plans, Suica Bus Commute Plans or Student Commute Plans. Go here for details to purchase those commute plans for Apple Pay Suica use.

Purchase a Suica Commute Plan: tap Commute Plan in Ticket Purchase and follow the screenshot steps and captions below:

Green Car Upgrade
Green Car Upgrades are non reserve first class seats on regular trains with dedicated Green Cars or Green Seat sections. With Suica App you can purchase a Green Car Upgrade either before or after you get on the train for the same pre-boarding price. Make sure you have a good network connection when making a Green Car Upgrade. As with all Suica App purchases, you only purchase for your own individual Apple Pay Suica, there are no group purchases.

To purchase a Green Car Upgrade follow the screenshot instructions show below. Green Car Upgrades can only be made for the current day. After the purchase find an empty Green Car seat on the train with a red indicator on the ceiling above, tap your Apple Pay Suica to the Suica logo, the indicator light will turn green. Suica App will show your Green Car Upgrade as used.

 Green SeatsPre-boardPre-boardPost-boardPost-board
 WeekdayHolidayWeekday Holiday
Up to 50km770円570円1030円830円
From 51km980円780円1240円1040円

Suica Management

Some Suica Management functions only work with JR East View credit cards:
Suica Auto-Charge automatically recharges Suica when the balance reaches your registered recharge trigger amount.
View EX (View Express Reserve) registers a JR East View credit card to the JR Central EX app system for EX Shinkansen eTicket purchases. See the Apple Pay Suica EX guide for details.

Suica App Credit Card Registration

Suica App credit/debit/prepaid card registration is limited to Japanese issue cards and is not required for using Suica App. All Suica App purchases and Suica recharge can be made with Apple Pay bank cards issued in your home country.

The Suica App Mobile Suica account accepts a large number of Japanese bank cards and prepaid cards such as JCB Line Card, international issue cards are not accepted. Suica App bank cards works separately from Apple Pay and offer maximum flexibility with Japanese issue Visa cards that do not support Apple Pay In-App purchasing and recharge, and JCB Line Pre-Paid cards not supported on Apple Pay.

Suica App attaches the bank card to an individual Suica card and is not global. If you have multiple Suica cards, you can attach the same bank card to each one or a different card. To attach a bank card to the Suica card, select the Suica card in the main window then tap the Ticket Purchase•Manage Suica. Tap Change credit card information and enter the card number and expiration date.

Be careful that the name on the card matches the registered name of the Mobile Suica account. If the names don’t match you risk getting a 1240 error and a security lock on your Mobile Suica account. If you do run into problems contact your credit card company first, if there are no problems on their end use this online form to update your registration information with Mobile Suica or contact the Mobile Suica support line: 050-2016-5005 (Japanese language only). If your Mobile Suica account is security locked use the JR East Mobile Suica password reset online form.

Suica App lists seven eligible card brands: View Card, VISA, JCB, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, JR Central EXPress Card. One bonus if you are a LINE member is that Suica App works with JCB Prepaid LINE cards you can purchase at any convenience store. For Japanese issue Visa card holders registering Visa in Suica App lets you work around the JP Visa Apple Pay Suica Recharge limitation in Wallet.

Suica Recharge with Suica App
You can Suica Recharge in Suica App with just Apple Pay or the Suica App credit card. You can also remotely recharge a Suica on a paired Apple Watch, which is very convenient.

Suica Auto-Charge
The Manage Suica sections includes Suica Auto-Charge (Auto-Reload). Auto-Charge limitations:

  • Only JR East View cards can be set for Suica Auto-Charge
  • Auto-Charge only triggers on JR East/PASMO rail network region transit gates. Transit outside of the JR East/PASMO region such as Nagoya or Osaka will not trigger Auto-Charge
  • Store or vending machine purchases do not trigger Auto-Charge

Transaction History, Suica Pocket
The SF section covers Stored Fare functions including transactions and Suica Pocket. Transaction History lists all Suica recharges and SF use for transit and purchases up to the previous day, but not for the current day. Open Wallet to view Suica purchases and transit for the current day. If you delete a Suica card from Wallet all transaction history is erased from your device but you can access all Suica transaction history via the Mobile Suica web site. Online Transaction history lists online purchases.

Suica Pocket is a temporary holding area for SF ‘Thanks Recharge’, e-money transferred from the Mobile Suica system. Suica Pocket is for receiving SF from Suica campaign cash-backs, refunds from Suica online purchases and free Suica recharges exchanged from JRE Points. The screen shots below show the process for receiving a free Suica Recharge exchanged from JRE Points.

View EX/Express Reserve
This option registers Apple Pay Suica to the JR Central EX system for Express Reservation membership which costs ¥1,080 a year. With this option you can use Apple Pay Suica for travel on the JR Central and JR West Shinkansen. See this page for details and the registration process.

Commute Plan Expiration SF Use/Notification Sounds
Other Manage Suica menu functions include a ‘Stop SF use after commute plan expiration’ option that stops automatic transit use of the SF balance when the Suica commute plan has expired and forces you to renew the commute plan to use Suica again for transit. Other menu items include handy Notification Sounds for low SF balance and soon to expire Commute Plan.

Support and Troubleshooting

General Topics

  • The latest iOS and Suica App versions recommended
  • Mobile Suica Cloud Maintenance: from 12:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. JST daily many Apple Pay Suica and Suica App functionalities aren’t available, this includes adding cards, Apple Pay and Suica App Recharge, and suspending and removing cards from Find My iPhone and
  • Apple Pay cards are linked to your Apple ID. If you sign out of iCloud your Apple Pay Suica card is stored on Mobile Suica cloud, see Migrate Suica to a new iPhone below to restore Suica. If you sign into iCloud with a different Apple ID than the one used to add Suica, you cannot access Suica. You must sign in with the same Apple ID.

Mobile Suica Support
Mobile Suica Support Online Support Information (English)

Troubleshooting & Information