Where Does the S Go?

New iPhones and Global FeliCa
More Apple Pay Suica Inbound Users

iPhone leaks from Apple are phun. People are debating whether we’ll get XS, X s or X S on the box. Whatever.

Other people are wondering if the new iPhone models and Apple Watch Series 4 will have Global FeliCa. They certainly will, hopefully free of the NFC hardware issues that plagued iPhone X production. The more important question for the Japanese market however is not the top-tier models but the iPhone 7 replacement aka iPhone SE 2 as tweeted by Guilherme Rambo.

SE 2 should be Global FeliCa as well and will make a great entry level Apple Pay Suica device, not only for Japanese students on a budget but older Japanese who don’t need or want the latest bells and whistles. An entry level Global FeliCa iPhone has been missing from the JP lineup and will certainly help Apple hold onto Japanese market share. It will certainly help too if Apple throws in a few NFC Wallet goodies and Apple Pay Transit additions such as Apple Pay PASMO at the event. We shall see.

Long term I think Apple Watch will be next revolution thing for transit but only when transit cards and credit cards can be added directly to Apple Watch without an iPhone. When that happens, and it will, watch out.

Guilherme Rambo SE2 Tweet