Shin Godzilla in 5 Minutes with English Subtitles

The orginal Godzilla film richly captured the inane postwar political system brokered by the GHQ. It’s funny watching the great Shimura Takeshi having to endure communist diet member accusations that Godzilla is all just an American plot.

The 2016 Shin Godzilla was a big Japanese hit in part because the film slyly re-captured and satirized modern Japanese politics. Half the fun was watching it in a theatre listening for the dialog the Japanese audience laughed at.

Soguwa Karuo’s “If you’re free let’s take in a movie” YouTube site has some wonderful movie reviews, explanations really, made just with his voice and his pen. His Shin Godzilla synopses above is hilarious and worth your time. Bonus points if you get the munchkin like speeded up Japanese