JR East Touch and Go Shinkansen

Touch and Go
Touch and Go Stations

JR East is busy gearing up for the April 1 Touch and Go Shinkansen service launch. With just Apple Pay Suica, Mobile Suica or any Transit IC card you simply board any JR East Shinkansen within the Touch and Go region. No tickets or reservations necessary.

In order to use Touch and Go you have to register your Apple Pay Suica or IC transit card at the nearest JR station smartphone Charge machine like the ones show in the video below and follow the registration steps on this page.

Touch and Go Flow

Once you are registered you can enter any station then transfer and ride at any of the Touch and Go Shinkansen stations. Remember that Touch and Go is limited to non-reserved seats. The maximum one way Touch and Go fare is ¥5,150

Touch and Go is the first step JR East is taking for full Touch and Go Shinkansen covering all stations anticipated for 2019. The current ¥20,000 daily Suica limit is expected to be raised at the same time with all the other Transit IC cards expected to join as well for full compatibility.