McDonalds Japan Finally Activates NFC Pay on March 13

A year after McDonald’s Japan announced full global NFC support the final piece of the contactless payment puzzle falls into place on March 13 when they activate NFC Pay contactless payments for Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB. The full press release is here.

It’s nice that the big NFC Pay contactless logo on the reader finally means something for Inbound customers who want to use it. Japanese Apple Pay users can also have fun playing with the iOS 11 Apple Pay NFC switching feature without going abroad.

But what about all those Inbound Chinese mainlanders who use nothing but WePay and AliPay QR codes for contactless payments? They spend far more in Japan than those stingy inbound westerners. I predict McDonald’s Japan will add a QR payment option at some point and it will see far more use than NFC Pay.