The Revision B iPhone X

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iPhone X Production Tally 2018-10-6
Reader Feedback iPhone X Production Tally (as of 2018-10-6) : A simple tally of good/bad iPhone X devices and manufacture dates reported by readers to track production switchover from problem iPhone X devices to Revision B iPhone X devices. The tally includes JP and international iPhone X models

I finally got back to Japan and called Apple Support. 30 minutes later I had an exchange iPhone X on the way to my apartment via Yamato-bin that arrived the next morning.

The first order of business was checking the serial number and manufacture date:Finally! A Rev-B iPhone X

A 2018 Week 30 production unit, so far so good. After restoring Apple Pay Suica to the Rev-B iPhone X, I took it for a spin along all the well-known trouble gates of my JR route: Asagaya, Koenji, Ikebukuro and Shinjuku. The ride was finally smooth and error free as iPhone X should have been all along since day 1.

The feel of Apple Pay Suica on a Rev-B iPhone X matches what readers have been reporting: NFC performance is snappy with none of the problem iPhone X lag or errors going through the transit gate. The difference will be noticeable if you are familiar with Apple Pay Suica performance on iPhone 7.

If you are a Suica commuter road warrior with a iPhone X Suica problem device, you should get an exchange for a Rev-B iPhone X. It’s boringly reliable. You deserve nothing less.