Apple Pay Suica Notification and Reminder Settings

Apple Pay Suica has 3 different kinds of notifications: transaction notifications from transit, purchase and service mode activity, low balance reminders and commute plan renewal reminders. One problem of the iOS 12.2 Apple Pay Suica redesign is that Suica low balance and commute plan renewal reminders are not easy to find, especially if you have a Suica Commute Plan. Even Japanese users are confused. Here’s how to make sure you receive those reminders. Regular Suica is the easiest:

Suica Commute Plan reminders are much harder to find because the card design is different from regular Suica and hides reminder settings. It’s too easy for users to miss them. It’s a poor UI design that Apple needs to fix. Here’s how to set them:

Last but not least make sure you have Wallet Notifications turned on in Settings>Notification Center. If that is turned off you will not receive Suica notifications or reminders. I also turn on ‘Show Updates’ to receive updates from JR East. They are very good about only showing updates when absolutely necessary.