Titanium Apple Card activation with background NFC tag reading

Apple Card is rolling out to limited number preview users in America with a full release due by the end of August. In case you didn’t notice, Apple has posted 2 videos for activating the Titanium Apple Card: a video for A12 Bionic iPhone XR/XS with background NFC tag reading, and a video for non-A12 Bionic iPhones without background NFC tag reading ability. This marks the first time Apple has put A12 Bionic background NFC tag reading ability to use, almost a year since the new functionality appeared.

For the background NFC tag version, all the user does is wake the screen, unlock and hold iPhone near the card, background NFC tag reading takes over automating the rest. As you might expect the activation process on non-A12 Bionic iPhone is more manual: open Wallet, select Apple Card, tap Activate. The video cleverly removes the card selection process with Apple Card ready and waiting in Wallet.

It’s a small thing, but gives us a clue how Apple will implement iOS 13 NFC Tag Apple Pay on non-A12 Bionic iPhone: open Wallet, select a card, tap, read. It’s not as slick as background NFC tag reading certainly, but gets the job done.