Unlocking Suica App Security Lock

As Suica can be added directly in Wallet without Suica App, the only reasons for using it are purchasing commute plans or Green Seat upgrades. Suica App is handy for accessing all the functions that Mobile Suica has to offer but it has serious limitations for inbound visitors:

  • Suica App is Japanese language only
  • It only accepts Japanese issue credit cards for registration

If you attempt to register an international issue credit card, you might lock yourself out of Suica App and your Mobile Suica account. Here’s how to unlock the Suica App security lock and get a new password issued.

The first thing you need to do is write down your Mobile Suica registration details:

  • Last name, first name in Romaji/Kanji and Katakana
  • Birthdate
  • device phone number
  • Japanese postal code number
  • Mobile Suica registration e-mail address
  • An e-mail address you want the password reset sent to, this can be the same as the Mobile Suica registration e-mail

Once you have this information ready, go to this Mobile Suica Password Reset form. Follow the screenshot example below and enter the information. After entering the information click or tap on the button to verify the information, if all looks good click or tap the send button at the bottom of the verification screen.

You will receive a Mobile Suica password reset message from info@mobilesuica.com, messages can take up to 2 hours to arrive. Be aware that Mobile Suica support issues password resets daily from 10:00 to 18:00 Japan Standard Time (JST), if your request arrives outside of those hours, it will be processed the next day.

After you obtain a new password from Mobile Suica Support go to Suica App to set the new password: (1) open Suica App and cancel Face ID • Touch ID login if you use those, (2) tap account menu, (3) tap Suica password, (3) leave the previous password empty, (4) enter the new password issued from Mobile Suica Support and set it.

In the event that Mobile Suica Support requests that you contact them to remove the security lock on your account you only have 2 options, both of them require Japanese language ability:

For either option have the following pieces of information ready:

  • Last name, first name in Katakana
  • Birthdate
  • Mobile Suica registered device phone number
  • Mobile Suica account ID
  • Suica card ID number
  • Suica card ‘Shikibetsu’ ID: this is the same as your Apple ID or slightly different with an ‘_1’ or ‘_2’ appended at the end

I suggest trying the chat option first, it’s leisurely and gives you time to use translation software. When using the chat option you type a request such as ‘Mobile Suica account has a security lock that I want unlocked.’ The next few steps are passing though a few canned support questions to profile your problem before being connected to an online support person. They will then ask you to confirm your account with the above information. Confirm to the support person that your Mobile Suica account has a security lock that you want unlocked. It helps to have a few Japanese phrases ready to copy and paste before starting the chat to speed things along.