Apple Pay Suica Green Car Tickets

Green Seat and Suica Apple Pay
green seat suica
The red LED indicates a vacant Green Car seat all ready for your Suica touch, after tapping it turns green indicating that your seat ticket has been validated.

One of the cool Apple Pay Suica features shown in the Apple Pay Japan marketing blitz is Green Car “touch and sit” seating. In the JR East ad Ryuhei Matsuda holds his Apple Pay Suica iPhone up to the Suica touch area of the Green Car and boom, he is all done.

It looks like magic but the actual Green Car Seat Ticket purchase takes place in Suica App, which is slightly less cool: input your start and end station points, hit the Apple Pay purchase button and you are good to go. The purchase is good for all day between the purchased station points. Get on a regular train, find an empty Green Car seat red LED spot and touch your iPhone 8/Apple Watch Series 3 or later device just like Ryuhei Matsuda.

suica app green seat.png
The actual Suica Green Car Seat ticket purchase is little more involved than the ad and takes place in Suica app. Why is an unoccupied seat red and an occupied seat green? When you tap with your Apple Pay Suica, the Green Car Seat ticket is validated, green means all is good to take your seat.

All things considered, it’s still cool. Now if I only had a generous business travel expense account, I would be in JR East train travel bliss. See Suica App Guide for more information on purchasing Green Car Seat Tickets for Apple Pay Suica. Explanation video below: