Apple Pay Japan Adds DC Card and JAL Cards

Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos added Apple Pay support for DC Card this week joining their MUFG Card which has been on Apple Pay since December 2016. The company also said that NICOS Card Apple Pay support is coming soon.

DC Card hosts both Mastercard and Visa brands but Apple Pay ads exclusively showcase DC Card Mastercard. The reason for this is that Visa Japan cards only support Apple Pay store purchases but not in-app / web purchases, Apple Pay Suica recharging or NFC switching.

DC Card Apple Pay

DC Card Mastercard fully supports Apple Pay and the NFC switching feature of iOS 11 Apple Pay allowing Japanese DC Card customers to use Apple Pay with Mastercard Contactless terminals around the world and the FeliCa QUICPay network at home. See the Apple Pay Japan Credit Card page for the full list of NFC switching card support

One final bonus is that Mastercard Japan offers the best exchange rates with overseas card purchases, better than Visa, American Express or JCB.

JAL also added more cards to Apple Pay via DC Card:

JAL Card Suica (via View Card)
JAL・JCB Card (via JCB)
JAL・Visa Card (via DC Card)
JAL・Mastercard (via DC Card)
JAL Card TOKYU POINT ClubQ (via DC Card)

JAL-JCB card and JAL-View Card have been on Apple Pay for over a year but the DC Card support is new. All of these work on the QUICPay payment network in Japan. JAL-DC Card Mastercard and JAL-JCB cards also support iOS 11 NFC switching for Apple Pay use abroad via Mastercard Contactless and J/Speedy payment networks.