iOS 11.3/WatchOS 4.3 Update Breaks Apple Pay Suica (U)

JR East issued a system notice via Suica App that the iOS 11.3/WatchOS 4.3 Update breaks Apple Pay Suica functionality in the following ways.:

  1. Apple Pay Suica Express Transit stops working. JR East says to restart the device to restore Suica Express Transit functionality.
  2. Suica stops working on iPhone with the ANA Milage Club App installed. JR East instructs users to download and install the updated ANA Milage Club App v1.1.11 and restart the device.

The JR East notice was updated and changed during the day and it’s not clear if all Apple Pay Suica users were affected or not. One thing is clear: Apple needs to fix Suica, new problems in addition to the iPhone X Suica problem reported earlier.

Update: ANA released ANA Milage Club App v1.1.11 that fixes the iOS 11.3 Suica incompatibility