7-Eleven Japan ATMs adding Suica Recharge Service

JR East announced that starting next month, October 15, 7-Eleven ATMs will offer Suica Recharge with cash with no service charge. No longer do you have to hunt for a JR Station with Smart Recharge Kiosks, just head to the nearest 7-Eleven.

Anybody can recharge Apple Pay Suica and Japanese Transit IC cards major convenience store chain cash registers but the addition of DIY Suica Recharge at 7-Eleven makes Suica Recharge with cash easier than ever. You can also recharge Rakuten EDY cards as well which is convenient for Android users. Nanaco recharge has been there all along.

7-Eleven ATM machines have a smartphone reader as you can see below where the nanaco and FeliCa acceptance marks are. I’ll put together a guide video when the service starts next month.