SuicaEng App

UPDATE: SuicaEng is no longer available from App Store, installed SuicaEng no longer launches. iOS 13 and later Apple Pay Wallet integrate direct Suica and PASMO creation making SuicaENG obsolete, the app was a stopgap. To add Suica or PASMO in Wallet see Apple Pay Suica • PASMO Guide. The post below remains for reference.

After 2 years of waiting for a full blown English version of the Suica App with all the bells and whistles, JR East has done the smart thing and released the SuicaEng app instead.

This simple streamlined app does one thing: add a virtual Suica card to Apple Pay without a Mobile Suica account or any of the hassle of dealing with the Japanese only Suica App options. It does nothing else but should take care of most immediate inbound needs. It also does away with the ‘Region set to Japan’ requirement.

The same virtual Suica restrictions of Suica App apply:

  • Only one Suica can be added, if you already have a Suica in Wallet you cannot add another one with SuicaEng, a second virtual Suica (My Suica/Commuter Suica) requires the full Suica App and free registration of a Mobile Suica account.
  • Once added, Suica is managed in Wallet or Watch app.
SuicaEng error when a Suica card already exists on Apple Pay iCloud

The best thing would be no apps at all and adding virtual Suica directly in Wallet, perhaps Apple and JR East will deliver that eventually. Meanwhile anything more complicated than adding virtual Suica: purchasing e-tickets, commuter pass, Green Seat reservations etc., still requires the Japanese only Suica App.