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The Sad State of Apple Pay Suica Guides

Now that tourists are back in Japan it’s time to take a look at the state of Apple Pay Suica English language guides. Since AtaDistance is mostly one big Apple Pay Suica (and Apple Pay PASMO and now also Apple Pay ICOCA ) guide site, it’s helpful to examine other […]

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The ¥10 barrier-free train station tax fare increase

The railway station barrier-free fee system is “a Japanese railway fare system established with the aim of promoting barrier-free railway stations in urban areas” by leveraging a fee on urban railway users in Tokyo, Kansai and Fukuoka areas. It is a barrier-free train station tax if you will, added to […]

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Apple Pay Suica • PASMO • ICOCA Troubleshooting

IntroBasic Q&A troubleshooting issues are covered on the JR East Suica Apple Pay English language support page, the PASMO Apple Pay English language support page, and the Japanese only Apple Pay ICOCA page. Common issues are explained here in more detail and include Suica App or PASMO App use to […]

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Eki-Net Mobile Ticket Quick Guide

Sections JR East Mobile Ticket BasicsEki-Net DiscountsJRE POINT IntegrationRegistrationTicket PurchaseeTicket and Ticketless Use Mobile Ticket BasicsThe JR East online train ticket reservation system comes in 2 flavors: Japanese only Eki-Net for domestic users and the multi-lingual JR East Train Reservation for inbound visitors. Both of these differently branded services share […]