Migrate Apple Pay Suica to new iPhone or Apple Watch

Apple Pay Suica is different from Apple Pay credit cards in that Suica stored value is stored locally on the device and can only exist on a single device. Apple Pay credit cards can coexist simultaneously on iPhone and Apple Watch, not so with Suica.

The Suica Two Step
To migrate Suica to a new iPhone or Apple Watch you must do two things:

  •  Remove Suica from Wallet on the old device: On the old device go to Wallet> tap Suica > tap ˚˚˚ in the upper right corner> scroll to the bottom>tap Remove This Card. Don’t worry, Apple Pay automatically migrates Suica to Apple Pay iCloud and safely stores it for you.
  • Add Suica to the new device: on the new device make sure you are signed in with the same Apple ID, open Wallet, tap “+”, tap Suica, add your Suica.

Don’t worry about losing your Suica SF account balance or commute plan information. Apple Pay iCloud and the Mobile Suica preserve all of your Suica information. Just make sure that you are signed in with the same Apple ID on your new iPhone and that Apple Pay is turned on. If the add Suica option does not show in Wallet, set the device Region to Japan, re-add Suica, then return Region to your preference.

JR East Mobile Suica support says that Suica card ID numbers may change when removed and re-added to Wallet. Softlinked Apple Pay Suica services like EX App (smartEX and Express Reservation) and Touch and Go Shinkansen stop working when the Suica ID number changes and need to have the registration information updated to re-link the services.

If you wipe the old device, or forget to delete Suica on the old device before setting up the new one and cannot find your previous Suica, see Recover Suica from a lost or wiped iPhone. Other topics can be found on the Apple Pay Suica Guide.