Recover Apple Pay Suica from Lost or Wiped iPhone

The first thing to do if you lose an iPhone is put the device in Lost Mode from or another iOS device. Lost Mode disables Apple Pay. If you find your iPhone, great; but how can you recover Suica if your iPhone is lost or stolen for good, or accidentally wiped? No matter what the situation, Apple Pay iCloud has you covered and keeps your Suica safe on iCloud until you are ready to use it again.

Delete Apple Pay Suica from iCloud
If iPhone is lost or stolen for good, go to and sign in with the same Apple ID used for Apple Pay Suica. Go to Settings>My Devices and select the lost iPhone:

Apple Pay Suica Recovery E
Remove Apple Pay Suica from the lost device before you delete the device
  1. First delete your Apple Pay cards. This should bring up a Wallet confirmation, confirm and delete your Apple Pay cards, it may take a few minutes to process completely.
  2. After Apple Pay Suica is successfully deleted, delete the lost iPhone device from My Devices.

The same operation can be done on another iOS device or Mac, the process is the same: delete Apple Pay cards from the lost device first, let it process, then delete the device.

Restore Apple Pay Suica
Restoring Suica is exactly the same as migrating to a new device. Once you successfully delete Suica on the lost iPhone, or if you have wiped iPhone and want to restore Suica to the same device or a new device, simply add Suica in Wallet in iPhone. Suica should show up as a card option in Wallet>Card Type. If you don’t see Suica as a card type option, set iPhone Region to Japan then try adding Suica again. After successfully adding Suica to Wallet the iPhone Region can be any user preference.

JR East Mobile Suica support says that Suica card ID numbers can change when removed and re-added to Wallet. Softlinked Apple Pay Suica services like EX App (smartEX and Express Reservation) and Touch and Go Shinkansen stop working when the Suica ID number changes and need to have the registration information updated to re-link the services.

If you see Suica when iPhone Region is not set to Japan, it means you have a Suica card parked on iCloud ready to add to Wallet
Migrating Suica to a new iPhone


Card Already Exists in Wallet
If for some reason you are having difficulty re-adding Suica to iPhone and see and a Wallet error message like, “this card already exists in Wallet,” in the last step of the adding process: sign out of iCloud, restart the device and sign back into iCloud with the same Apple ID. This will clear up any problems.

Card Unavailable
If you see ‘Card Unavailable’ it means the card is fine but there are some issues that the Mobile Suica system needs to clear during the offline maintenance window. Simply wait for the end of the next Mobile Suica maintenance window: 2am~5am Japan Standard Time, or 24 hours, then re-add Suica.